Prof. Eli Grushka Award

Prof. Grushka Prize’ committee is delighted to announce Din Zelikovich as the 2023 ISRANALYTICA award winner for excellence in analytical chemistry in the memory of Prof. Eli Grushka.

The prize was endowed by the family of Professor Eli Grushka. Professor Eli Grushka was a Full Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from 1978 until passing away in 2016. Prof. Grushka was a symbol of excellence in the field of analytical chemistry.

He led and supervised many graduate students.

Prof. Grushka left a legacy of scientific excellence, personal example, exemplar social manners, and love of humanity.

The award was officially presented to Din Zelikovich during ISRANALYTICA 2023 the official conference of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society.

Call for nominations of an award for an outstanding student to continue his studies in the field of analytical chemistry in memory of Prof. Eli Grushka
The late Prof. Eli Grushka – Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an international expert on chemical separations in general, in chromatography and capillary electrophoresis in particular.

  • Editorial board member of a large number of professional journals in analytical chemistry and separations.
  • One of the editors of the prestigious series advances in Chromatography.
  • Edited several books in the field of chromatography and published a large number of scientific articles.
  • Member of the organizing committees of professional conferences in the field of analytical chemistry.
  • Researcher, teacher and supervisor of many students for a qualified degree and a doctorate in analytical chemistry.
  • He devoted much of his time to research in the fields of analytical chemistry.
  • One of the founders of the Israeli Association for Analytical Chemistry, and the founder of the Analytical Chemistry Conference in Israel (ISRANALYTICA).

In memory of the late Prof. Eli Grushka, his family wishes to support by awarding a financial award to students at the beginning of their scientific career who wish to pursue higher degrees in the field of analytical chemistry.

*A financial award in an amount that will cover a significant part of the annual tuition fee

Instructions for the application for Eli Grushka award for excellence in Analytical Chemistry Sciences:
The following documents must be submitted:

  • A short summary of the research conducted by the applicant (up to 3 pages)
    • Details of the novelty in Analytical Chemistry (such as a newly developed instrumentation or device, new original approaches to analysis or newly developed procedures in analysis)
    • It is recommended to add scientific publication or any other document relevant to the described research.
    • The specific contribution of the applicant in the described research should be detailed
  • Resume of the applicant, including details of the scientific organization in which the research was conducted, as well as name of the supervisor\s or instructor\s
  • Recommendation letter from the supervisor specifying the contribution of the applicant to the overall research.

The following considerations are taken into account during the evaluation of the submitted materials:

  • Importance of the research and contribution to society
  • The scientific achievement in the field of Analytical Chemistry
  • Novelty and originality of the research in Analytical Chemistry

The prize to the winner will be awarded at the annual conference of the Israeli Society for Analytical Chemistry, Israanalytica 2023, which will be held on January 17-18, 2023, at the David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv.

Application for the prize, along with the required documents, must be sent to the email address by January 1, 2023.

Best regards,
Dr. Igal Gozlan
Chairman of the award committee

Committee members:
Prof. Israel Schechter
Prof. Yael Groshka (representative of the family)
Dr. Shula Levin
Dr. Igal Gozlan
Dr. Igal Bar-Ilan