Poster Session


  1. Fast Saliva Analysis by GC-MS with Cold EI and Open Probe Fast GC-MS for the Detection of Cannabis Usage
    Oneg Elkabets, Tel Aviv University, Israel  Israel Flag
  2. Sensitivity Comparison Between GC-MS with Cold EI and Standard EI
    Alex Yakovchuk, Tel-Aviv University, Israel   Israel Flag
  3. Quantitative Analysis of Nootkatone in Essential Oil by HPLC
    Yaniv Linde, Prigat, Israel  Israel Flag
  4. Division of Metabolite Medicine at the BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery
    Michał Kaczmarek, BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery, Israel  Israel Flag
  5. Study of Free Chlorine Degradation in the Drinking Water Distribution Network Finally to Maintain Water Quality in the Network
    Jean-Pierre BEYA Dibue, Institut Superieur Des Tes Techniques Medicales Universite de Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo Flag
  6. Reversible Conjugation of Non-Ionic Detergent Micelles Promotes Partitioning of Membrane Proteins under Non-Denaturing Conditions
    Mitra Lal, Ariel University, Israel  Israel Flag
  7. Dried Urine Spot Sample Collection for Rapid and Sensitive Monitoring of Exposure to Terror Agents; Toxins and Chemical Warfare Agents by LC-MS/MS Analysis
    Lilach Yishai Aviram, IIBR, Israel  Israel Flag
  8. Selective Oxidation with N-Iodosuccinimide for the Detection and Identification of Sulfur Mustard using LC-ESI-MS/MS – A Novel Approach
    Hagit Prihed, IIBR, Ness-Ziona, Israel  Israel Flag
  9. A Chemical Database as a Collection of Databases: a GUI MATLAB-Based Model
    Joseph Dubrovkin, Western Galilee College, Israel  Israel Flag
  10. Real or fake? Aroma Profiling of Plant-Based Alternative Foods using Sorptive Extraction and GC×GC–TOF MS
    Terry Buckland, Schauenburg Analytics, UK UK
  11. Uncovering Hidden Compositional Changes in Breath Profiles using Thermal Desorption with GC×GC-TOF MS and Chemometrics
    Terry Buckland, Schauenburg Analytics, UK UK
  12. Novel Possibilities for Interference Removal using Multi-Quadrupole ICP-MS
    Helmut Ernstberger, PerkinElmer, Italy italy
  13. Development of a Method for Identification MBT in Coolant Liquid
    Yonatan Ezra, IDF, IAF, Israel  Israel Flag
  14. Quantitative Analysis of Nitrosamine Impurities using LC-MS Methods from the United States Pharmacopeia General Chapter <1469>
    Petra Lewits, Merck KGaA, Germany  germany
  15. The Role of Fuel in the Failure of Polyurethane Tubes
    Guy Zehavi, Israeli Air Force, Israel  Israel Flag
  16. Development of a Method for the Quantification of Aviation Fuel Penetration
    Michael Balagula, IDF, IAF, Israel  Israel Flag
  17. Method Development for ‘on Site’ Field Test for the Determination of the Presence of Hexavalent Chromium
    Adva Ziv Zehavi Cohen, IAF, IDF, Israel  Israel Flag
  18. Uncovering the Multiple Adsorption Mechanisms of Heavy Metals by Eggshells
    Yair Amar, NRCN, Israel  Israel Flag
  19. Reducing Testing Times for Concentration of Coolant Liquids by Changing Long HPLC Analysis to Short ‘One Click’ Spectroscopic Analysis
    Amit Koppel, IAF, IDF, Israel  Israel Flag
  20. Thin Layer Chromatographic Methods for Detecting Illegal Drugs
    Deborah Shalev, Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem, Israel  Israel Flag
  21. Development of Advanced Composite Pressure Vessels for Hydrogen Storage
    Evgeniy Mervinetsky, The Hebrew University, Israel  Israel Flag
  22. QC Run in Metabolomics
    Aviran Amir, Merck Group, Israel  Israel Flag
  23. Using Portable Handheld Raman Device for Determining Polymer Content in Security Documents
    Batya Fuchs, DIFS, Israel Police, Israel  Israel Flag
  24. Detection and Integration of Single Peak Curves using an Automated Approach with MATLAB
    Pavel Savchenko, Hebrew University, Israel  Israel Flag
  25. Chemical Analysis based on Drying Pattern
    Neta Caspin, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Israel Flag
  26. New MEES Applications
    Uriah Hellay Sharon, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Israel Flag
  27. The Correction in Calculating the Mass of the Pre-cipitation on a Solid Electrode According to Fara-day’s Law
    Aleksandr Guntsov, Rehovot, Israel  Israel Flag
  28. In-Planta Metabolism of the Environmentally Persistent Drug Lamotrigine: Detection and Identification of Metabolites
    Moran Madmon, Israel Institute for Biological research, Israel  Israel Flag
  29. An Ultra-Fast Identification of Transdermal Drug Patches Using QuickProbe GC/MS
    Moshe Burshtein, DIFS, Israel Police, Israel   Israel Flag
  30. High Recognition of Nanoparticles Stabilized by Different Structural Isomers through Matrix Imprinting 1
    Din Zelikovich, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Israel Flag
  31. A Pharmacokinetic Study in Rabbits. The Regenerated GB (Sarin) in Blood and the IMPA Metabolite in Urine
    Avital Shifrovitch, Israel Institute for Biological Research, Israel  Israel Flag
  32. New Vapor-MEES Method: System Development and Preliminary Results
    Roman Schutz, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel  Israel Flag
  33. High Level Tool Box for Understanding Nature
    Muli Mandel, Cannasoul Analytics LTD., Israel  Israel Flag



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