Prof. Grushka Prize’ committee is delighted to announce Mr. Danny Fisher as the 2023 ISRANALYTICA award winner for excellence in analytical chemistry in the memory of Prof. Eli Grushka.

The award was given for his research on ” Detection and mapping of trace explosives”.

The prize was endowed by the family of Professor Eli Grushka. Professor Eli Grushka was a Full Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from 1978 until passing away in 2016. Prof. Grushka was a symbol of excellence in the field of analytical chemistry.
He led and supervised many graduate students.

Prof. Grushka left a legacy of scientific excellence, personal example, exemplar social manners, and love of humanity.
The award will be officially presented to Mr Danny Fisher on January 23th, 2019 during ISRANALYTICA 2019 the official conference of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society.

Signed by members of the selection committee:
Dr. Igal Bar-Ilan (member of committee)
Prof. Yael Grushka (The family representative)
Dr. Shula Levin ( member of committee)